By: Edward L. Blais, JD, CIC

Things have started to return to ‘normal’ in recent weeks, but not everything has been positive. 

Black Lives Matter Sign photo

In response to the death of George Floyd while in police custody, protests have erupted not just across the country, but overseas as well. In the United States, there have been protests in at least 140 cities as of June 9. These protests reflect an unfortunate reality: Floyd’s death is no isolated incident. Instead, his death is a symptom of systemic racism that that has yet to be eradicated, despite the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement to highlight police brutality and racial disparities in law enforcement in recent years. 

This time it feels different though. From the local to the state and federal level, there seems to be an appetite for true reform through legislation. However, before we can truly find a lasting solution we need to better understand the issue. All of us need to heed the message of these protests. Our fellow citizens are telling us that they do not feel safe. They say they are being unfairly and unjustly targeted by the system. Their lives matter as well as their voices. Now’s the time to listen to them and take their message to heart.