About Us

Blais Insurance is a firm of proven professionals and caring and conscientious people; the kind of people you can depend on.

Our primary objectives are:

  • To be honest and fair in all our dealings.
  • To be interested in people and their problems.
  • To treat the client’s needs as if they were our own.

We are committed to a high standard of excellence in all that we do, and to establishing a firm relationship of mutual trust and service with each of our clients.

As a Trusted Choice® agency, Blais Insurance is dedicated to you and is committed to treating you as a person, not a policy. All Trusted Choice® agencies agree to adhere to a Pledge of Performance, designed to assure quality service that enables them to offer you competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and valuable advocacy.

Pledge of Performance

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Our History

Blais Insurance was founded in 1909 by Leo A. Blais and operated for generations in the Oak Hall Building on Main Street in Pawtucket, RI. Upon the patriarch’s death in 1964, the agency was passed to his four children: Leo P., Madeline, Richard, and Robert. The four operated the agency for the next twenty years and relocated the agency to its present home in Lincoln in the mid 1960’s. The current location has a storied history dating back to the early 1800’s, having served as a tavern, the Blais family home, and ultimately an insurance agency for the past fifty years.

Leo P. Blais, who served as president of the Blais Insurance from 1964 to 1984, recruited his oldest son, Michael, to return from an established career in California to help run the agency. Michael accepted and led Blais Insurance for the next thirty years. 

Always looking forward, Michael recruited his younger brother, Ned, to join him in running the business in 1999. Ned Blais, a practicing attorney, transitioned from the practice of law to insurance to keep the business in the Blais family for future generations. One of the first business decisions they made jointly was to bring in their brother-in-law, Marc Nadeau, an experienced sales professional, to join them in operating the agency.

Ned Blais, JD, CIC, CPIA, President

Blais Insurance turned 100 years old in 2009, representing a significant milestone not attained by many small businesses. The agency’s centennial also marked another milestone. Ned Blais became President, succeeding his brother Michael, who continues on as Chairman of the Board. Michael still visits the office and can be seen conversing with customers, and Marc serves as Vice President of the agency. Ned and Marc are joined by an experienced team of insurance agents and customer service representatives who are dedicated to handling the needs of their clients and are also fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Marc Nadeau, Vice President

The guiding principle of Blais Insurance first used by founder Leo A. Blais back in 1909 is often spoken and is very much still in practice today:

 “If you take care of people, then the business will take care of itself.”

One Walker Street
Lincoln, RI 02865

Office Hours:
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