By: Edward L. Blais, JD, CIC, CPIA

Happy New Year from your friends at Blais Insurance!

I hope you and your loved ones have a healthy and prosperous 2023 and thank you for trusting us with helping you protect what matters most. 

As we all hunker down for another New England winter, many families rely on wood stoves as an economical, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly home heating source. However, it is important to remember that stoves are not hazard-free. At Blais Insurance, we would like to highlight the risks of using wood stoves and how you can lessen them.

Is Your Stove Operating Correctly?

Whether you install the stove yourself, or have a professional perform the installation, several issues could arise that could spark a fire or other emergency. Be sure the entire family is aware of the following signs or trouble:

  • The stove begins to release dark smoke
  • You notice an increase in dust around your home
  • Your wood seems to burn off quickly rather than over several hours
  • A strong odor of smoke is permeating throughout the home
  • The stove is producing little heat and the fire is difficult to light
  • Steel along the top and sides of the stove appear to be warping

It is critical to make yourself aware of these potential signs that could signal a serious problem with your wood stove. 

Our friends at The Andover Companies have created this informative sheet highlighting how you can prevent a wood stove-related fire. Please review this information and should you have any questions or concerns please call Blais Insurance at 725-0070 or stop by for a visit. Your safety is our top priority.